Fallout Nuka Flavor Sock Set



  • 1x Pair Nuka Cola Socks
    • Black socks with red heels and toes
    • All-over weave
      • Nuka bottle cap in red with white accent
      • Nuka Cola Bottle
    • Top band in red with Nuka-Cola in white
  • 1x Pair Nuka Quantum Socks
    • Purple socks with light blue heels and toes
    • All-over print
      • Quantum logo
      • Orange planets and stars
    • Top band in light blue with Nuka-Cola in yellow


  • 1 Size (Adult)
    • Fits men’s sizes 7-13
    • Fits women’s sizes 5-10
    • Heel to toe: 8.5 inch in length
    • Heel to top: 8.5 inch in height
    • Weight: 90 grams
  • Material: 80% Cotton / 17% Polyester / 3% Elastic
  • Product color may differ from what is shown due to monitor display variance.


  • Wash with like colors on cold
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • Do NOT Iron
  • Do NOT Bleach


You may not always be in the mood for all the zip of Nuka-Cola, but you can always put some pep in your step with your Fallout Nuka Flavor Sock Set. It includes 2 pairs of colorful crew length socks, each representing a different Nuka-Cola flavor.

First, you have the original Nuka-Cola flavor represented by a black and red pair that features an all-over print of the brand’s unique rocket-shaped bottle.

Next, you have the purple and light blue socks with yellow Nuka-Cola Quantum logos, peppered with the orange planets and stars that have become synonymous to the flavor’s out-of-this-world taste.

These socks are a great way to add a hint of fun to your style, even when you’re dressed up a little more seriously. If you can’t decide which flavor to put on, you can always wear one on either foot. It’ll be our little secret.

Get this for yourself or the Nuka-Cola fan in your life. And when the holiday season comes around, they can be great stocking stuffers—or the very stockings themselves!


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Fallout Nuka Flavor Sock Set


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