Electronic Disposal

The correct disposal of electrical waste is an important issue, as it contains valuable raw materials that can be sustainably recycled and thus preserved. Find out about the many ways in which you too can dispose of electrical waste easily and correctly.

More information at: https://e-schrott-entsorgen.org/

The WEEE registration number for our products is: DE61847590

You can also find this number in the public register of stiftung ear at:



Products that must not be disposed of with household waste are marked with this symbol.

Symbol that designates products that must not be disposed of with household waste.

Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) must not be disposed of together with household waste. By disposing of it correctly at special collection and return points, you can avoid misdirected waste. WEEE may contain hazardous substances which, if released, can have serious negative effects on the environment, wildlife, and health. 

Before disposal, you must remove rechargeable batteries and batteries if possible and dispose of them separately.

You can return up to 5 of our products at the same time in retail stores (sales area >400m²) free of charge. The prerequisite for this is that these are not longer than 25 cm in any edge dimension. Or you can send the old devices back to us by mail and we will cover your costs.

Furthermore, you can hand in your old equipment free of charge to public waste management authorities.

Distributors who have a sales area for E-appliances of at least 400 sqm are obliged to take back E-appliances, as are food retailers who have a total sales area of at least 800 sqm and offer E-appliances several times a calendar year or on a permanent basis.

You can find free take-back points in your area (Germany) by searching this portal.

Data protection:

We would like to point out to all customers that you are responsible for deleting your personal data from old appliances to be disposed of.

Under the WEEE Directive, EU member states are required to collect data on waste electrical and electronic equipment and to transmit this data to the European Commission. You can find more information on this on the BMU website.


Our service provider for the fulfillment of our obligations according to ElektroG is CY Certify GmbH.