Fallout Nuka-Cola Cap Mug



  • Custom-shaped Nuka-Cola Mug
    • Designed to look like the lower half of Nuka-Cola's rocket-shaped bottle
    • Includes a removable (non-airtight) lid with straw hole
    • Spoon NOT included
  • Hand-painted
    • Matte black body
    • Gloss finish on lid and Nuka-Cola logo
    • Red lid with white Nuka-Cola logo
  • Capacity: 15 oz (443.6 mL)
  • Weight: 499 grams
    • Microwave safe
    • Top-rack residential dishwasher safe
    • Hand wash is advised due to shape and lid of mug
  • Colors may differ slightly from what is shown due to monitor display variance and the product's hand painted production process.


What's it like to drink Nuka-Cola all the time? You tell us when you get your Fallout Nuka-Cola Cap Mug!

Originally made for fizzy thirst-quenchers, Nuka-Cola's rocket-shaped bottle design is also great for coffee, tea, chocolate, and really any other drink you can think of. But this mug does away with the top half of the bottle to give it a wide mouth suitable for enjoying hot drinks or dropping ice cubes into.

Carry around up to 15 ounces (443.6 mL) of your favorite drink in this beautifully-designed piece of the Fallout universe. To make it easier to hold, we added a handle on the side.

Just like the bottle that inspired it, this mug comes with a red cap sporting a white Nuka-Cola logo. This cap features a hole on the side so you can keep it on without removing your spoon or straw.

The red and white Nuka-Cola logo also appears on the mug's body. Its glossy finish adds an eye-catching accent against the mug's matte black color.


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Fallout Nuka-Cola Cap Mug


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